Cercomegistidae Trägårdh

Diagnosis.  Cercomegistine Mesostigmata with a holodorsal shield; broad, posteriorly truncate lateral-peritrematal shields; and a broad ventrianal shield free from the dorsal shield posteriorly.  Sternal region poorly sclerotized, with a pair of nude presternal plates; st1, and usually st3-4, in soft cuticle; st2 on separate plates.  Pregenital shield free from sternal elements and usually bearign a pair of pores (sternogynium); latigynial shields strap-like, each with 1-2 pairs of setae (st6 sometimes on endopodal IV); mesogynial shield well developed, nude, and truncate posteriorly, and free from latigynial and ventrianal shields.  Males with presternal sclerites and sternitogenital shield fused to lateral-peritrematal shield by way of exopodals IV; genital opening between coxae III-IV.

Similar taxa.  Pyrosejidae are similar, but are found only in the Neotropics and have well developed lateral shields.

Ecology.  Species of Cercomegistus Berlese are found in rotting mushrooms on logs and occassionally from forest litter collected along logs in NSW, QLD.

Australian Collections.

Cercomegistus abires Domrow, 1976 – QLD

Cercomegistus n. spp. – NSW, QLD – NEW RECORDS


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