Common Australian Garden Weeds

Axonopus compressus

Scientific name: Axonopus compressus (Swartz) Beauv.

Axonopus compressus (broad-leaved carpet grass) growing in a garden and showing the prostrate (creeping) habit of this species.

Close-up of broad-leaved carpet grass demonstrating the broad leaves and short hairs at the nodes of the stem.

Another close-up showing the adventitious roots of this species.

Sub-digitate inflorescence of broad-leaved carpet grass emerging from a leaf sheath.

Seedling of broad-leaved carpet grass.

Synonyms: Milium compressum Swartz; Paspalum platicaulon Poiret, (also misspelt platycaule); Paspalum compressum (Swartz) Raspail

Common name:Broad-leaved carpet grass

Family: Poaceae


Native of tropical America.


Perennial creeping (stoloniferous) grass forming low mats, with erect seed heads up to 60 cm tall (although usually much shorter).


Widespread common weed in fine-leaf lawns, gardens and shaded areas (otherwise a useful pasture and lawn grass).

General description:

Stems and leaves
Plants have hairy nodes and produce runners (stolons) which readily produce roots. Leaf sheaths are somewhat flattened, either hairy or hairless. Ligules consist of a hairy rim. The leaf blades are rather broad for a grass, linear to narrowly egg-shaped (linear ovate), 2-16 x 0.3-2 cm in size, with a blunt tip and hairy margins.

Flowers and fruit

Inflorescences usually have 2-3 (sometimes there are up to 5) slender racemes (2-10 cm long) at the top of an erect or inclined stalk up to 60 cm long. They are digitately or almost digitately (sub-digitately) arranged. Seeds are enclosed in bracts (ie. lemma and palea).

Distinguishing characteristics:

Short broad leaves with tubercular hairs (ie. with wart-like swelling at the base). Nodes are hairy unlike those of Axonopus fissifolius (narrow-leaved carpet grass). As the common names suggest, the leaves of Axonopus compressus are also usually broader than those of Axonopus fissifolius.

Noxious status:

Not noxious.


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