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Arthritica n.sp.

Diagnostic features

Similar to some sphaeriids but differs in anatomy and hinge features.


Arthritica n.sp.

Class Bivalvia

Subclass Heterodonta

Superfamily Galeommatoidea

Family Lasaeidae

Genus Arthritica Finlay, 1926 (type species: Kellia bifurca Webster, 1908; New Zealand, marine)

State of taxonomy

This species is currently in the process of being described.

Biology and ecology

Lives in swampy springs, amongst vegetation and sediment. It is the only known freshwater galeommatoidean.


A freshwater swamp in the Lake Eyre basin spring complex, South Australia.


This species is only known from this locality and is believed to be threatened.

It can be easily confused with members of the Sphaeriidae but is most readily distinguished by the ligament which is housed in a pit below the posterior part of the hinge. In sphaeriids, the ligament is in a pit on the outer edge of the posterior hinge plate.

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