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Caldicochlea Ponder, 1997

Diagnostic features

Caldicochlea is characterised by simple, smooth, imperforate, broadly ovate to conic shells with a simple aperture and lacking an external varix. Operculum with weakly to moderately developed pegs on inner side and radula with two laterally placed basal cusps on central teeth. Female genital system with single globular, posteriorly located medium sized sperm sac and posteriorly elongated coiled oviduct. Male with long tapering whip-like penis. Stomach with horn-like process on upper edge of posterior chamber and lacking obvious caecum.


Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Littorinimorpha

Superfamily Truncatelloidea

Family Tateidae

Genus Caldicochlea Ponder, 1997

Type species: Dalhousia globosa Ponder, Colgan, Terzis, Clark & Miller, 1996. Ponder, W. F. 1997. Nomenclatural rectifications in Australian Hydrobiidae Molluscan Research 18: (67-68).

Synonym: Dalhousia Ponder, Colgan, Terzis, Clark & Miller, 1996 (preoccupied).

State of taxonomy

We follow Ponder (1997) and Ponder et al. (1996) in this resource. 

Biology and ecology

Lives in large warm pools or warm outflows from large springs ranging from 33°C - 42°C. Lives on rocks and wood in shallow areas around spring edges.


The main pool and outflow of spring Ca 1, Dalhousie Springs. South Australia.


Caldicochlea is most similar to Fonscochlea but can be distinguished by its apomorphic single sperm sac and very elongate penis. Both Caldicochlea species are very variable in shell morphology although C. globosa is generally larger and wider than C. harrisi.

Further reading

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