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Gabbia adusta Ponder, 2003

Diagnostic features

The shell of this species is distinctive with its short to moderate spire, yellowish to reddish or orange brown colour, and weak to moderate, narrow axial ribs with very fine spiral striae. The populations attributed to this species encompass considerable variation in shell size and shape (relative length of spire), and in the degree of umbilication.


Gabbia adusta Ponder, 2003

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Littorinimorpha 

Superfamily Truncatelloidea

Family Bithyniidae

Genus Gabbia Tryon, 1865

Original nameGabbia adusta Ponder, 2003. Ponder, W.F. (2003) Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.

Type locality: Billabong beside Roper River, Northern Territory.

Biology and ecology

This species lives in billabongs and pools, living mainly on mud, although commonly also obtained in samples along containing algae and macrophytes.


Western base of Cape York, across the Gulf of Carpentaria, and into Arnhem Land.

Further reading

Ponder, W. F. (2003). Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.