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Gabbia kendricki Ponder, 2003

Diagnostic features

Gabbia kendricki is similar in shell morphology to G. vertiginosa, but differs in usually being narrowly umbilicate.


Gabbia kendricki Ponder, 2003

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Littorinimorpha 

Superfamily Truncatelloidea

Family Bithyniidae

Genus Gabbia Tryon, 1865

Original nameGabbia kendricki Ponder, 2003. Ponder, W.F. (2003) Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.

Type locality: Murchison River Bridge, on Great Northern Highway, Western Australia.

Biology and ecology

This species is commonly found with the superficially similar Coxiella (Coxielladda) cf.gilesi (Angas 1877) in what is presumably rather saline water.


This species is known mainly from the Murchison River, north of Geraldton, Western Australia, with a few records from the vicinity of Broome.

Further reading

Ponder, W. F. (2003). Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.