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Gabbia spiralis Ponder, 2003

Diagnostic features

This species and G. carinata differ from all other Australian bithyniids in their dominant spiral sculpture. Gabbia spiralis differs from G. carinata in having more numerous, relatively weaker spiral cords, a taller spire, as well as a smaller umbilicus.


Gabbia spiralis Ponder, 2003

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Littorinimorpha 

Superfamily Truncatelloidea

Family Bithyniidae

Genus Gabbia Tryon, 1865

Original nameGabbia spiralis Ponder, 2003. Ponder, W.F. (2003) Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.

Type locality: Waterhole on Eight Mile Creek on Karumba - Chillagoe Road, Queensland.

Biology and ecology

In billabongs and pools on mud, although often associated with macrophytes and algae.


Coastal plains, western base of Cape York, Gulf of Carpentaria.

Further reading

Ponder, W. F. (2003). Monograph of the Australian Bithyniidae (Caenogastropoda: Rissooidea). Zootaxa 230: 1-126.