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Glyptophysa (Oppletora) jukesii (H.Adams, 1861)

Diagnostic features

The low rounded spire, pronounced columella fold at very bottom of aperture and small size distinguish this species from typical species of Glyptophysa.


Glyptophysa (Oppletora) jukesii (H.Adams, 1861)

Common name: Jukes's Pouch Snail

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Heterobranchia

Order Hygrophila

Superfamily Planorboidea

Family Planorbidae

Genus Glyptophysa Crosse, 1872

Subgenus Oppletora Iredale, 1943 (Type species: Physopsis jukesii H. Adams, 1861).

Original name: Physopsis jukesii Adams, H. (1861). Adams, H. (1861). Descriptions of a new genus and some new species of the shells from the collection of Hugh Cuming, Esq. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1861: 143-145.

Type locality: Port Essington, Northern Territory.

Biology and ecology

On water weeds, wood etc., in ponds, billabongs, swamps and sluggish streams and rivers. Feeds on algae and detritus. Egg mass typically a bean (kidney)-shaped jelly strip containing many small eggs. Development direct.

Additional information on the biology and ecology of members of this family can be found in Fauna of Australia, vol. 5B, p. 1072-1074


Gulf of Carpentaria and Timor Sea divisions, Northern Territory and Western Australia.


Glyptophysa differs from the otherwise similar genus Isidorella in the penial apparatus having a penial stylet and an accessory flagellum. Isidorella lacks a stylet and an accessory structure but the penis has two lobes.

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