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Isidorella bradshawi Iredale, 1943

Diagnostic features

Similar to I. newcombi, but not umbilicate and lacking spiral striae. Confined to the southern half of Western Australia.


Isidorella bradshawi Iredale, 1943

Common name: Bradshaw’s Pouch Snail

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Heterobranchia

Order Hygrophila

Superfamily Planorboidea

Family Planorbidae

Genus Isidorella Tate, 1896

Original name: Isidorella bradshawi Iredale, 1943. Iredale, T. (1943). A basic list of the freshwater Mollusca of Australia. Australian Zoologist 10: 188-230.

Type locality: Tambellup, Western Australia.

Biology and ecology

On aquatic vegetation in ponds, billabongs, swamps and sluggish streams and rivers. Locally common. Feeds on algae and detritus. Egg mass a round to oval jelly containing several (up to 35 eggs). Development direct.

Additional information on the biology and ecology of members of this family can be found in Fauna of Australia, vol. 5B, p. 1072-1074.


Southwest Western Australia.


A strongly shouldered shell similar in shape to Isidorella newcombi but lacks an umbilicus.

This genus is in need of revision, as the species concepts we have used have not been rigorously tested and can only be resolved by additional molecular and morphological studies involving dense sampling.

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