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Larina A. Adams, 1855

Diagnostic features

Shell neritiform to naticiform in shape. Whorls very rounded. Very deeply impressed sutures, low blunt spire, large subcircular aperture. Sculpture of axial growth threads and  low narrow spiral cords of varying number, sometimes with several more distinct than others. Umbilicus closed. Outer lip unthickened. Subcircular operculum. Anatomy similar to Notopala (Simone 2004).


Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Architaenioglossa

Superfamily Viviparioidea

Family Viviparidae

Subfamily: Bellamyinae

Genus Larina A. Adams, 1855

Type species: Larina strangei A. Adams, 1854

Original reference: Adams, A. (1855). Description of a new genus and several new species of gasteropodous Mollusca: from the Cumingian collection. Proceedings of the Zoological Society London 1854:  41-42, pl. 27.

Type locality: Moreton Bay, Queensland.

Synonyms: Centrapala Cotton, 1935 (new synonymy); Eularina Iredale, 1943

State of taxonomy

A recent revision of this genus has not been published. Unpublished studies by one of us (WFP) have been used to define the genus. Further refinement is necessary, but must await the published revision.

Biology and ecology

Lives submerged on the underside of rocks and logs in creeks and rivers. Sedentary. Presumably a filter feeder.


Central Australia and south-eastern and mid-eastern Queensland. Also occurs in Papua New Guinea.

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