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Musculium (Sphaerinova) kendricki (Kuiper, 1983)

Diagnostic features

"It is distinguished from other Australian Musculium species by the peculiar shell outline, longer hinge (relatively large distance between the cusps of lateral teeth) and shorter ligament. The outline of the nephridium is also peculiar." (Korniushin, 2000).


Musculium (Sphaerinova) kendricki (Kuiper, 1983)

Common name: Pea shell

Class Bivalvia  

Subclass Heteroconchia

Superorder Heterodonta

Order Cardiida

Superfamily Sphaeroidea

Family Sphaeriidae

Genus Musculium Link, 1807

Subgenus Sphaerinova Iredale, 1943

Original name: Sphaerium kendricki  Kuiper, 1983. Kuiper, J.G.J. (1983). The Sphaeriidae of Australia. Basteria 47: 3-52.

Type locality:  Drain through Roselea nursery across North Beach road, Osborne Park, Western Australia.

Biology and ecology

"Two brood sacs and three generations of young, with one to five embryos each, found in single dissected specimen." (Korniushin, 2000). Lives in lakes and lagoons.


South-western Australia.

Further reading

Korniushin, A. V. (2000). Review of the family Sphaeriidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of Australia, with the description of four new species. Records of the Australian Museum 52: 41-102.

Kuiper, J. G. J. (1983). The Sphaeriidae of Australia. Basteria 47: 3-52.