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Musculium (Sphaerinova) tasmanicum queenslandicum (E. A. Smith, 1883)

Diagnostic features

"The form observed here is distinguished from typical M. tasmanicum mainly by it's peculiar shell outline and posteriorly shifted umbo. Some differences in anatomical characters are also notable: the northern form has weaker siphonal retractors and an elongate dorsal lobe of the nephridia" (Korniushin,2000).


Musculium (Sphaerinova) tasmanicum queenslandicum (E. A. Smith, 1882)

Common name: Pea shell 

Class Bivalvia  

Subclass Heteroconchia

Superorder Heterodonta

Order Cardiida

Superfamily Sphaeroidea

Family Sphaeriidae

Genus Musculium Link, 1807

Subgenus Sphaerinova Iredale, 1943

Original name: Sphaerium queenslandicum E.A.Smith 1882. Smith, E.A. (1882). On the freshwater shells of Australia.Journal of the Linnean Society 16:255 -317.

Type locality: Limestone Creek, Burdekin River, Queensland.

Biology and ecology

Shallow burrower in sand/mud in creeks, ponds, swamps and lakes.Suspension feeder, larvae brooded.


Northern Queensland and Northern Territory.

Further reading

Korniushin, A. V. (2000). Review of the family Sphaeriidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of Australia, with the description of four new species. Records of the Australian Museum 52: 41-102.

Kuiper, J. G. J. (1983). The Sphaeriidae of Australia. Basteria 47: 3-52.