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Neritina variegata Lesson, 1830

Diagnostic features

This rather medium-sized  species (length to about *** mm) has variably coloured shell with dark wavy lines and a pale yellowish to white aperture. The spire is moderately raised.


Neritina variegata Lesson, 1830

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Neritimorpha

Superfamily Neritoidea

Family Neritidae 

Genus Neritina Rafinesque, 1815

Original name: Neritina variegata Lesson, 1831. Lesson R. P. (1831). Chap.XI. Mollusques, Annelides et Vers. pp.239 - 471 in, Voyage Autour du Monde Execute par Ordre du Roi, sur la Corvette de Sa Majeste, La Coquille, pendant les annees 1822, 1823, 1824 et 1825. Zoologie. Paris: Bertrand Vol. 2(1).

Type locality: New Ireland.

Biology and ecology

On rocks in running water in streams and rivers.


Tropical northern Australia.

Also, SE Asia, some larger Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.


Widely distributed in the Pacific and ranges into estuarine environments.

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