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Pisidium (Euglesa) etheridgei E.A.Smith, 1883

Diagnostic features

One of the most variable species of Pisidium according to Korniushin, where the variability of shell characters have a geographic pattern with a number of distinct local forms occuring.There is also some controversy as to the affinity of this species with P. casertanum, Korniushin offers a number of character states which separate the two species however the best diagnostic character is the markedly elongate presiphonal suture in P. etheridgei. Some specimens exceed 5 mm in length.


Pisidium (Euglesa) etheridgei E.A.Smith, 1883

Common name: Pea shell

Class Bivalvia  

Subclass Heteroconchia

Superorder Heterodonta

Order Cardiida

Superfamily Sphaeroidea

Family Sphaeriidae

Genus Pisidium Pfeiffer, 1821

Subgenus Euglesa Jenyns, 1832

Original name: Pisidium etheridgei  E. A. Smith, 1883. Smith, E. A. (1883). On the freshwater shells of Australia.Journal of the Linnean Society 16: 255 - 317.

Type locality: Yan - Yean Reservoir, Plenty district, Victoria.

Synonyms: Australpera mena Iredale, 1943.

Biology and ecology

The number of offspring produced is extremely variable - according to Korniushin - from 1-10 in each demibranch (typically between 4-8). P.etheridgei occurs most frequently in creeks and small rivers. In South Australia and Tasmania it also occurs in lakes and lagoons.


Through south-eastern Australia mainly following the Great Dividing Range between southeast Queensland and southeast South Australia, as well as Tasmania.

Further reading

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