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Pisidium (Odhneripisidium) australiense Korniushin, 2000

Diagnostic features

Ligament external, introverted, stretching toward ventral side of hinge plate. elevated over dorsal margin. Principal anatomical characters as in Afropisidium.are: only one (exhalant) siphon present; absence of inhalant mantle opening and outer demibranch, inhalant opening merged with pedal slit due to loss of presiphonal suture; ventral pair of siphonal retractors well developed, placed at posterior end of pedal slit. Outer demibranch absent. Brood pouch localised dorsally, formed by 7 to 20 filaments, upper position of brood pouch. Lateral loop of nephridium clearly visible from dorsal side.

"Species is similar in shape to P. dammermani Odhner, 1940 from Sumba but differs in its regular concentric sculpture.Pisidium sundanum Rensch, 1934 from Java also has coarse sculpture, but is larger. The species differs from P. novobritanniae Kuiper, 1967 (from New Britain), by having a rounded shell and more pronounced sculpture." (Korniushin 2000). It reaches 2.2 mm in length.


Pisidium (Odhneripisidium) australiense Korniushin, 2000

Common name: Pea shell

Class Bivalvia  

Subclass Heteroconchia

Superorder Heterodonta

Order Cardiida

Superfamily Sphaeroidea

Family Sphaeriidae

Genus Pisidium Pfeiffer, 1821

Subgenus Odhneripisidium Kuiper, 1962 (Type species Pisidium stewarti Preston, 1909).

Original name: Pisidium (Odhneripisidium) australiense Korniushin, 2000. Korniushin, A. V. (2000). Review of the family Sphaeriidae (Mollusca:Bivalvia) of Australia, with the description of four new species.Records of the Australian Museum, 52(1); 41 - 102.

Type locality: Dowah Creek upstream from the junction with Freshwater Creek,Crystal Cascades, west of Cairns, Queensland.

Biology and ecology

"Brood pouch placed dorsally, formed by seven to twelve filaments and containing two to six embryos.........Inhabits springs and small creeks that are well shaded by trees with the bottom covered by leaves and vegetation." (Korniushin, 2000).


Northern Queensland near Cairns.

Further reading

Korniushin, A. V. (2000). Review of the family Sphaeriidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of Australia, with the description of four new species. Records of the Australian Museum 52: 41-102.