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Pseudopotamis supralirata (Smith, 1887)

Diagnostic features

This species has a black, trunk-like, decollated shell. It differs from P. semoni in its angulated whorls and smooth shell with two prominent spiral grooves below the suture.


Pseudopotamis supralirata (Smith, 1887)

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Cerithiomorpha

Superfamily Cerithioidea

Family Pachychilidae

Genus Pseudopotamus Martens, 1894

Original name: Melania supralirata Smith, 1887. Smith, E. A. (1887). Notes on Australian species of Bythinia, Segmentina and Fusus and descriptions of a new Melania. Journal of Conchology 5: 235 - 238.

Type locality: Prince of Wales Island, Torres Strait, Queensland.

Synonym: Pseudopotamis finschi Martens, 1894

Biology and ecology

Lives in small freshwater ponds.


Prince of Wales Island, Torres Strait, Queensland.

Further reading

Glaubrecht, M. & Rintelen, T., von (2003). Systematics, molecular genetics and historical zoogeography of the viviparous freshwater gastropod Pseudopotamis (Cerithioidea, Pachychilidae): a relic on the Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Zoologica Scripta 32: 415-435.