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Stimulator consetti Iredale, 1944

Diagnostic features

Small narrow limpet-like snails with a septum on the underside of the shell which restricts much of the shell aperture.


Stimulator consetti Iredale, 1944

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Heterobranchia

Order Hygrophila

Superfamily Planorboidea

Family Planorbidae

Genus Stimulator Iredale, 1944 (Type species: Stimulator consetti Iredale 1944).

Original name: Stimulator consetti Iredale, 1944. Iredale, T. 1944 The “Gundlachia” puzzle. Australian Zoologist 10: 290.

Type locality: Harding Ranges, Western Australia.

Biology and ecology

Biology unknown but presumably on wood and stones, in streams and ponds.

Additional information on the biology and ecology of members of this family can be found in Fauna of Australia, vol. 5B, p. 1071-1072.


‘Spring, 8 miles west of Munja Station, Harding Ranges, WA’.


Known only from the type locality. A very narrow oblong shaped shell with a prominent septum which stretches two thirds the length of the underside of the shell. The relationships of this taxon to Australian species of Ferrissia has to be tested but are presumably close although it differs in having a slightly smaller and narrower shell.

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