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Taiwanassiminea cf. bedaliensis (Rensch, 1934)

Diagnostic features

The shell of this species has five brown spiral bands of which three are more distinct than the others.


Taiwanassiminea cf. bedaliensis (Rensch, 1934)

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Caenogastropoda

Order Littorinimorpha 

Superfamily Truncatelloidea

Family Assimineidae

Subfamily: Assimineinae

Genus Taiwanassiminea Kuroda & Habe, 1950

Original name: Assiminea bedaliensis Rensch, 1934. Rensch, B. C. E. (1934). Süßwassermollusken der Deutschen Limnologischen Sunda-Expedition. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 13: 203-254.

Type locality: Java, Indonesia.

Biology and ecology

Habitat in Java: in fresh water, near waterfalls, on stones, sometimes above the water (van Benthem Jutting 1956). Inhabits ditches with running water (Brandt 1974).


Java, Indonesia; Borneo and Sabah, Malaysia; Australia (Northern Territory); Guam; Japan (Honshu, Nansei-shoto); Thailand; United States (Hawaiian Is.)


Taiwanassiminea bedaliensis was described from Java and also occurs in Borneo and Sabah, Malaysia. It is associated with the horticultural trade and has been introduced to Japan and Guam. It was first recorded in Hawaii in 2004, where it is almost entirely confined to horticultural facilities, but these are now thought to be misidentified specimens of another assimineid species of the genus Cyclotropis.

It is currently not known whether this species is native to northern Australia (it is only known from the Daly River, Northern Territory) or introduced. However, some morphological evidence, such as the larger shells and the apparent lack of a subsutural groove of the Australian specimens, suggests that the Australian population may be native, possibly a distinct species.

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