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Tasmodorbis punctatus Ponder & Avern, 2000

Diagnostic features

Shell planorbid-like, planispiral to slightly hyperstrophic, sculptured with close rounded axial ribs and very close, even spiral threads. Rest of shell simple, with convex whorls and close collabral growth lines, less tightly coiled than in other members of family. No distinct umbilical area because of the very shallow, slightly concave base. Interior of shell with shell pores. Operculum circular, multispiral and lacking pustules on external surface.  

This species differs from other glacidorbids in its axial and spiral protoconch sculpture, circular multispiral operculum and the unique shell pores on the inner surface of the shell.


Tasmodorbis punctatus Ponder & Avern, 2000

Class Gastropoda

Subclass Heterobranchia

Superfamily Glacidorboidea

Family Glacidorbidae

Tasmodorbis Ponder & Avern, 2000 (Type species: Tasmodorbis punctatus Ponder and Avern 2000).

Original name: Tasmodorbis punctatus Ponder & Avern, 2000.  Ponder, W. F. and. Avern, G. J. (2000). The Glacidorbidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: (Heterobranchia) of Australia. Records of the Australian Museum 52: 307–353.

Type locality: Wandle River on Murchison Highway, north of Waratah, Tasmania.

Biology and ecology

In small streams, lakes, springs and swamps, amongst moss, roots of water plants, etc.

Additional information on the biology and ecology of members of this family can be found in Fauna of Australia, vol. 5B, p. 1075-1076 and in Ponder and Avern (2000).


North-western and western Tasmania.

Further reading

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