Genus: Rusostigma Quaintance & Baker

 Nomenclature [Quaintance & Baker: 1917: 423-424]:


Rugostigma (misspelling?)

Biology: Puparia usually pale to yellowish in color sometimes with slight indentations at the tracheal clefts.

Distribution: Widespread

Taxonomy: Margin. Somewhat serrate; thoracic and caudal thoracic pores normally small and irregular, sometimes blunt with tooth-like projections. Dorsum. Granular with reticulations surrounding the inverted tracheal clefts and forming a pattern extending mesad, but not reaching median area; caudal furrow also has reticulations that extend to and sometimes surrounds the vasiform orifice; subchordate vasiform orifice with an operculum that hides the lingula exposing its setose head.

Natural Enemies: See species list below.

Similar genera : Considered as a subgenus of Dialeurodes but later relegated to Rusostigma, sometimes listed as Rugostigma) differs significantly with the reticulation, shape and extreme inverted traits of the thoracic & caudal clefts.

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Rusostigma eugeniae (Maskell)


Rusostigma eugeniae (Maskell) 189

Rusostigma (Rusostigma) eugeniae (Maskell) Quaintance & Baker 1917: 421

Distribution Australasia: Indonesia (Java) [Fulmek 1943], Sumatra [Fulmek 1943]; Palaearctic: India 

Host: Myrtaceae: Eugenia jambolana, Eugenia sp.

Natural enemies: Coleoptera: Coccinellidae [Rao 1958: 331-336]: Coccinella sp., Menochilus sexmaculatus (Fab.), Menochilus sp., Scymnus sp. ; Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae: Encarsia strenua

Rusostigma radiirugosa Quaintance & Baker***

Nomenclature [Takahashi & Mamet 1963: 49]:

Rusostigma radiiruigosa Quaintance & Baker 1917

Rusostigma (Dialeurodes) radiiruigosa Quaintance & Baker 1917

Distribution: Australasia: Indonesia (Java), Malaysia [Takahashi 1952, 25: 17-24], Sumatra; Oriental: Cambodia [Takahashi 1942, 32], China [Takahashi 1942, 32], Hong Kong [Takahashi 1952, 25: 17-24], Japan [Takahashi & Mamet 1963: 49] [Takahashi 1952, 25: 17-24], Thailand [Takahashi 1952, 25: 17-24], India; Palaearctic: India 

Host: Anacardiaceae [Quaintance & Baker 1917]: Mangifera indica 

Rusostigma tokyonis (Kuwana)


Rusostigma tokyonis (Kuwana) 1911 [Quaintance & Baker 1917: 423]

Rusostigma Dialeurodes) tokyonis (Kuwana)

Distribution [Quaintance & Baker 1917: 423]: Oriental: Japan 

HostTheaceae: Cleyera japonica, Eurya ochnacea [Takahashi & Mamet 1958]

Rusostigma tristylii (Takahashi) 


Rusostigma tristylii (Takahashi) 1935 [Takahashi 1936, 59: 218]

Rusostigma Dialeurodes tristylii (Takahashi)

Distribution [Takahashi & Mamet 1963: 49] [Takahashi 1936, 59: 218]: Australasia: Philippines; Oriental: Japan, Taiwan

Host: Indet; Myrsinaceae: Ardisia sp.; Theaceae: Cleyera ochnaceum, Eurya sp