Australian Aquatic Invertebrates

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Welcome to the Australian Aquatic Invertebrates Web Keys

This guide covers the macroscopic invertebrate taxa that occur in continental Australia inland waters.  Taxa represented in fresh or saline, running or still, permanent or ephemeral inland waters are included.  Wholly marine forms that may extend into upper estuarine habitats, and terrestrial taxa that may irregularly be found in freshwater, generally are excluded.

The aim has been to key free-living organisms to family level, starting with a Key to Phylum and Class of Australian Aquatic Invertebrates.  However lower-level identification is provided for selected taxa, and higher-level only is provided for some poorly known groups, such as obligate parasites, or those comprising mainly small organisms not retained by a 250Ám mesh net.

These keys were originally developed as a CD-ROM product by CSIRO Entomology with funding from National River Health Program and Land and Water Australia. This web-based version of the Australian Aquatic Invertebrate Key Guide uses Lucid software and has been commissioned by the Commonwealth Government's Australian Biological Resources Study and the National River Health Program, which is funded through the Natural Heritage Trust.

These keys are hosted on the lucidcentral website