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Welcome to Sweetpotato DiagNotes.



Sweetpotato DiagNotes is a comprehensive tool for sweetpotato management, providing information across the disciplines of plant pathology, crop nutrition, entomology and pest management, all integrated in a single expert system. 

It is intended to help extension workers, students, farmers and others to identify problems in sweetpotato crops, and to easily access information on the crop and its problems.

Sweetpotato DiagNotes is unique in combining cross-disciplinary information together with state-of-the-art interactive key technology, incorporating a number of new features to make the product user-friendly at the same time as being a highly flexible and powerful diagnostic tool.  Starting with general questions, the key automatically supplies the most relevant questions depending on the user's responses.  Symptom descriptions are illustrated to assist with interpretation.  Basic instructions and tips are included in the key, so there is usually no need to refer to a tutorial or help file.

Users wishing to find information on a particular problem, pathogen or pest, or on aspects of sweetpotato management, can do so easily through the Home Page, without running the key.

Sweetpotato DiagNotes can be accessed either by internet or by CD.  If you have accessed the key on internet but find that your connection is too slow, you may contact us to request a CD.  CDs will be provided free of charge to developing country users.


This product has three main features:

  • an interactive key based on Lucid3 software, and requiring Java Virtual Machine.  Before starting the key for the first time, click the "Java Check" button from the home page to see if your computer has the required software, and download the Java software if required.

  • fact sheets on each of the problem causes contained in the key, including photographs and references.

  • general information about the crop, its botany, ecology and management.

Sweetpotato DiagNotes was developed as a collaborative project of the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT), The University of Queensland in Australia, PhilRootcrops in the Philippines and the International Potato Center (CIP).  An international network of experts has authored and reviewed fact sheets and contributed to field testing.


This project was funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).  


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