ARMORED SCALES of the world

      Compendium and key  to the Genera  of the Diaspididae (Sternorryncha, Hemiptera)   

                   by John Dooley and Ramon Dones                       

INTRODUCTION:   Diaspididae  (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha)

Welcome to the compendium and key to the adult stage of the armored scales (Sternorryncha, Hemiptera) .  This identification tool will be based on the adult female  stage only.

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In 1758 Linnaeus first assigned 17 species of "Coccus"(the nominal genus of the Coccoidea) in his Systema Naturae with three of his species are still recognized as Diaspids (aonidum,ulmi, and salicis). In 1828 (circa) Costa proposed three subdivisions including Diaspis.Bouche in 1833described the Genus Aspidiotusf .  Targioni-Tozzetti from 1868 to 1870 described more species.   Takahashi and Takagi.  Ferris and McKenzie described in detail the common genera Aonidiella, Chrysomphalus, and  Parlatoria.  Ben-Dov (Israel),  Ray Gill (CDFA, retired),  Dug Miller (Systematic Entomology Lab, ARS) and  Gillian Watson (ARS, CDFA).

Several catalogues were also developed since 1877:

Hemiptera, Sternorryncha alone comprised of 32,000 known species. Of these, 2390 species are Diaspididae and 1982 species of Pseudococcidae reported on Scalenet at the Systematic Entomology Lab.

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