Thysanoptera Britannica et Hibernica

Thrips of the British Isles

The Credits

This system updates and expands upon the core information provided in the 1976 Handbook for the Identification of British Insects. In preparing this system, we are deeply conscious of the debt we owe to Guy Morison who spent much of his life collecting these insects across Britain, and who donated his collection of over 20,000 microscope slides to the Natural History Museum in London. That collection has been further developed by others, notably Brian Pitkin and Jenny Palmer as well as by two of the authors; it also includes much historic material derived from RS Bagnall, CB Williams, H Priesner and H Uzel. The line drawings included here were prepared by Jenny Palmer for the 1976 Handbook. The photomicrographs provided here were produced with a Leica DM2500 microscope under Nomarski illumination, and processed through Automontage software. Paul Brown and Jon Martin kindly provided access to the thrips collections at the Natural History Museum. We are also grateful to three professional colleagues who reviewed this system and provided us with many comments and corrections. Matt Taylor of provided regular technical support in solving computer problems associated with data management.

This publication should be cited as follows: Mound LA, Collins DW, Hastings A (2018). Thysanoptera Britannica et Hibernica - Thrips of the British Isles., Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.