Thrips of the British Isles

Thysanoptera of Ireland

The following checklist records those species that have been found on the island of Ireland, and has been modified from O’Connor (2008), which should be referred to for further details. However, it is likely that the thrips fauna of Ireland is significantly under-recorded. No species that has been recorded from Ireland has not also been recorded from Great Britain, with the exception of Thrips corymbiferarum 1836, that is considered a nomen dubium. The checklist below includes 36 species in 19 genera; one further species is recorded as a non-established record of an incursion.

Two species mentioned by O’Connor (2008) have yet to be formally confirmed as present in Ireland: THRIPIDAE-THRIPINAE Kakothrips pisivorus Westwood; PHLAEOTHRIPIDAE-PHLAEOTHRIPINAE Haplothrips sp. (either setiger Priesner 1921 or senecionis Bagnall 1932).

Species that have only been recorded in Ireland under artificial conditions, such as within glasshouses, are indicated with an asterix. The symbol + is used to indicate that the species has been recorded from Northern Ireland (NI) or the Republic of Ireland (RoI).

*Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis (Bouché 1833)+
Sericothrips staphylinus Haliday 1836+
Anaphothrips obscurus (Müller)++
Aptinothrips rufus Haliday 1836++
Aptinothrips stylifer Trybom 1894++
Baliothrips dispar (Haliday 1836)++
Belothrips acuminatus Haliday 1836+
Ceratothrips ericae (Haliday 1836)++
Chirothrips manicatus Haliday 1836)++
*Echinothrips americanus Morgan 1913+
*Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande 1895)+
Limothrips cerealium Haliday 1836++
Limothrips denticornis Haliday 1836++
Odontothrips loti (Haliday 1852)+
Odontothrips phaleratus (Haliday 1836)+
Odontothrips ulicis (Haliday 1836)++
Oxythrips ajugae Uzel 1895+
Oxythrips halidayi Bagnall 1924++
Oxythrips ulmifoliorum (Haliday 1836)++
Taeniothrips picipes (Zetterstedt 1828)++
Thrips atratus Haliday 1836++
Thrips brevicornis Priesner 1920+
Thrips discolor Haliday 1836)++
Thrips flavus Schrank++
Thrips fuscipennis Haliday 1836++
Thrips major Uzel 1895++
Thrips physapus Linnaeus 1758++
Thrips tabaci Lindeman 1889++
Thrips trehernei# Priesner 1927)+
Thrips validus Uzel 1895+
Thrips vulgatissimus Haliday 1836++
[# mistakenly listed as Haplothrips hukkineni in O’Connor, 2008]
Bolothrips dentipes (Reuter 1880)+
Haplothrips juncorum Bagnall 1913+
Haplothrips statices (Haliday 1836)++
Hoplothrips pedicularius (Haliday 1836)++
Phlaeothrips annulipes Reuter 1880+
Non-established incursion: recorded but not subsequently established
*Aurantothrips orchidaceus (Bagnall 1909)+


O'Connor JP (2008) A review of the Irish thrips (Thysanoptera). Irish Naturalists' Journal 29: 20-24.