Print Fact SheetHemianaphothrips articulosus

Distinguishing features

Both sexes usually apterous, rarely macropterous. Body, legs and antennae yellow, except antennal segments VI–IX brown, and V brown in apical half; fore wing shaded. Antennae slender, 9-segmented, III and IV each with a slender forked sense cone, III without microtrichia ventrally, suture between VI and VII transverse and complete. Head with 3 pairs of ocellar setae, pair III small and wide apart close to compound eyes. Postocular setae in a straight row. Pronotum with no prominent setae. Metanotum irregularly reticulate, median setae well behind anterior margin, campaniform sensilla absent.  Tergites with reticulate sculpture, II–VII median setae small and wide apart, campaniform sensilla close to posterior margin; VIII with irregular lobed craspedum bearing finely pointed apices; IX with 2 pairs of campaniform sensilla; X with complete longitudinal split. Sternites with no discal setae, setal pair S1 on VII arising well in front of margin.
Male smaller than female; tergite IX with 2 pairs of thorn-like setae; sternites III–VII each with a C-shaped pore plate.

Related species

Hemianaphothrips was raised to the status of full genus by Bhatti (1978). However, this species is similar in appearance to at least one of the Anaphothrips known from Australia (Mound & Masumoto, 2009), and the systematic relationships of the genus Hemianaphothrips remain in some doubt. Currently it includes two species, although nanus Hood from North America is possibly not congeneric with articulosus.

Biological data

Apparently feeding and breeding on the leaves of various Poaceae in damp areas, including Glyceria, Calamagrostis and Phalaris.

Distribution data

In Britain taken on only two occasions, on grasses at Derwent Water, Cumbria, in 1947, and on Glyceria maxima at Staines, west of London, in 1954 (Pitkin, 1969; Mound et al., 1976). Otherwise found across the middle belt of Europe from Norway (Kobro, 2011) to the Mediterranean.

Family name


Species name

Hemianaphothrips articulosus (Priesner)

Original name and synonyms

Anaphothrips (Hemianaphothrips) articulosus Priesner, 1925: 5


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