Lucid Interface

When you open the Diatoms of South African Rivers Identification Key, four windows are displayed. The top left window contains characters and their states. To see the states, click on the symbol beside the feature text. Select the states by clicking the thumbnail images, or in the check box when thumbnails are not showing on the left side of the feature text. Your selection will appear in the lower left window, which keeps a record of your choices. When you have finished with that feature, you may want to click the "-" symbol to hide the choices. This will often save you having to scroll down to the bottom of the window to find more features.

In the top right-hand window is a list of all the diatom species that are contained within the key. As you select further features and states, some species will be discarded from this list. The discarded species are displayed in the lower right-hand window. The aim is to reduce the number of possible diatom species in the top right window to one or a few.

The process


NOTE: Web pages such as fact sheets attached to items in Lucid v 3.4 interactive Diatoms of South African River key may be considered pop-ups by certain browsers (such as Internet Explorer (IE)) when clicked on by users. If your browser blocks these fact sheets as pop-ups, in your browser's internet settings you should allow pop-ups for this Lucid tool. Additionally, Internet Explorer may block "active content" on web pages or interactive keys. To allow active content, in Internet Explorer, under Tools , Internet Options , Advanced tab, Security category, the box next to the setting: "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" should be checked.

Items such as the feature states and diatoms in the key have pictures and/or html fact sheets attached to them.  They are displayed as an icon or a thumbnail to the left of the item.  Clicking the fact sheet icon HTML Icon will open the attached fact sheet page. Or clicking on the image icon Image Icon or image thumbnail will open a large version of the image.

You can turn on and off thumbnail options via the following two toggle buttons: "Feature Thumbnails" Feature Thumbnails and "diatom Thumbnails" Leafminer Thumbnails. You may also change the feature state view from a vertical list to a gallery view where all the images will be show horizontally via the Features..Display menu option.

The Lucid Player help

The Lucid Player has help available which explains all the functionality it provides. To access the help, select the help icon Help on the toolbar or access it via the help menu (F1).