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Ginsiella, Erdös 1951

This genus was described by Erdös (1951) from a single female from Hungary. The type species was named G. triarticulata and was maintained in the own author’s collection. Boucek and Askew (1968) reported this species also in Austria.
Arifa and Khan (1992) described from India a new species of this genus: G. indica, a parasitoid of the agromyzid leafminer Calycomyza humeralis (Roser). We have been unable to examine type material or other specimens.
During the same year Thuroczy (1992), within an examination of the types of Chalcidoidea described by Hungarian authors, pointed out that G. triarticulata type specimen was lost.
Given that we were unable to examine material of G. indica, and there is no available type material of G. triarticulata, we are not confident with recording Ginsiella as definitely attacking agromyzids. Since we have no material to work with, we also cannot provide any morphological information beyond that which was provided by Arifa & Khan, 1992.



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