Seeds of invasive plants

Graines des plantes invasives

Zaden van invasieve planten

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Multiple entry key for naming seeds of invasive plant species

Multiple entry key voor het op naam brengen van zaden van invasieve plantensoorten

Touche d'entrée multiple pour nommer des graines d'espèces de plantes envahissantes


This key is an identification tool for seeds of invasive plants. The choice of species was based on an extensive survey of seeds and seed mixtures in trade, where the seeds of these invasive species were found as contamination.

A total of 143 species is included. All features are illustrated with botanical drawings so that no knowledge of botanical terms is needed, basic knowledge of plant morphology, however, is helpful. The keys link to complete species descriptions on the Q-bank – Plants website. All species are well illustrated by photographs showing distinguishing characteristics or invaded sites. This key is also available in French and Dutch.


EPPO-Q-bank – Comprehensive databases on plant pests and diseases covers the following organism groups that contain quarantine organisms:

The databases are managed by EPPO – the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization and curated by internationally known specialists and contain specimen-based information including molecular data. The website offers the possibility to blast, in single- or multi-locus mode, sequences for identification.

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T. Groenewegen, H. Duistermaat, J.L.C.H. van Valkenburg, E. Boer


May 2021