Thysanoptera Aotearoa

Thrips of New Zealand

Production of this system has been supported by many different people. David Teulon was one of the initiators of the project and has given support and encouragement over many years. In 2009 Laura Fagan helped to produce an initial draft of the Lucid key. The line drawings reproduced here were prepared by Annette Walker during the 1980s and were published originally in the New Zealand Fauna series. Disna Gunawardana, Desley Tree and Mark Schutze kindly spent time testing the key, and Nicholas Martin provided specimens as well as corrections and additions to the texts. Specimens from the New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, were kindly loaned by Darren Ward. Catherine Langford, Science Editor at Plant & Food Research, Lincoln, helped with editing drafts of the texts. Two visits to Canberra from Lincoln by Mette Nielsen were supported by the following agencies: Plant & Food Research, the Better Border Biosecurity (B3) programme, the Margaret Hogg-Stec Memorial Scholarship and Queen Elizabeth II Technicians' Study Award. We are particularly grateful to Matt Taylor for his enthusiastic technical support. Photomicrographs were produced with a Leica DM2500 microscope under Nomarski illumination, and processed through Automontage software.