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Pasture Selection Tool - Getting Started

Navigation around the Pasture Selection Tool

If you are familiar with clicking on links on web pages on the Internet you will be able to navigate effectively around the Pasture Selection Tool. If you are not familiar with an Internet browser, then take some time to familiarise yourself with the Pasture Selection Tool by clicking on the links and exploring the help content.

Upon registering, you get the choice of seeking help by entering the 'Getting Started' link (you are now here!), investigating the 'Tutorial', looking through the list of species within the Pasture Selection Tool or entering the 'Pasture Selection Tool'.

Species Information

The species are arranged as an alphabetic list of species with both 'Common' name and 'Scientific' name. From these lists you can quickly and easily view information about any species by clicking on its name. The information is set out under headings, which provide a succinct description about that species. Of particular note is the location of the 'Strengths' and 'Limitations' of each species: up front for a quick snapshot of each species.

Cultivar information is also provided to ensure the latest advances in breeding is detailed. Each species also have a comprehensive set of images displaying the plant at various stages of growth and uses. For readability purposes each fact sheet is identical in terms of style and content structure:

Starting the 'Pasture Selection Tool' - making a selection

When you start the Pasture Selection Tool you will be presented with a map of Australia. This map allows you to choose your state and subsequently your location within your Natural Resource Management (NRM) region.

To start using the 'Pasture Picker' - move your mouse to highlight the your State of interest and click on that State to reveal the NRM districts. By further clicking on an NRM district you will enter the 'Pasture Picker' with the State and NRM district selected and the species appropriate for that district identified. The example below shows the selection for Queensland - Border River (NRM District):

The selection window - in detail

The selection window is divided into four windows which display the Features (characteristics of your selections) and Entities (the species contained in the Pasture Selection Tool).

Each 'entity' (species) has a fact sheet that can be accessed by clicking on the fact sheet icon associated with each species.

The 'Pasture Selection Tool' also has a toolbar that provides a number of facilities to help you with the selection process. The Lucid help documentation has excellent descriptions of these tools. For more information please click on each button below to see detailed information on each facility:

For more detailed information about the all the features of the 'Pasture Selection Tool' and how to correctly operate the Lucid player please consult the Lucid help.