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N. barkeri is a cosmopolitan species, widespread on all continents - Africa; North and South America; Europe; Indo-Pacific; Australia: ACT, NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia; New Zealand; see Moraes et al. (2004) for the full list of locations.


There are no previously published records of Neoseiulus barkeri from New Zealand, but the species is extremely common in commercial glasshouses in the Auckland region - in 2006 it was found as wild populations on cut flowers (orchids, bromeliads, roses), and on vegetable crops (capsicum) (M. Minor, unpublished data). This species is also common in Australian collections, where it is designated as Neoseiulus masiaka (Schicha, 1987; Beard, 2001). Schicha (1987) and Beard (2001) record this species from peach, pear, apple, hops, and strawberry in Australia, as well from other low growing plants, grasses, leaf litter, grass cuttings and manure.

Ueckermann and Loots (1988) report to have had examined the type material for both N. masiaka and N. barkeri and concluded that the two species are identical. Chant and McMurtry (2003) also suspect that the two species are synonymous.


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