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Australia: NSW, Queensland, Victoria (Yoshida-Shaul and Chant, 1997; Walter, 1999); New Zealand: Auckland (Collyer, 1964).


P. acaridophagus seems to be a specialized predator of acarid mites. In New Zealand this species was first found on the underside of Rubus sp. leaves, feeding on an acarid mite (Collyer, 1964). Collyer (1966) subsequently found P. acaridophagus in several other North Island locations, always in association with the acarid mite Neotropacarus bakeri (Collyer). In Australia P. acaridophagus was found in the leaf domatium of Endiandra discolor, also in association with Neotropacarus sp., and on grey mangrove (Avicennia marina) (Walter, 1999).


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