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Africa: Algeria, Morocco, South Africa; Middle East: Israel, Gaza Strip; Europe: Armenia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ukraine; Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan (Moraes et al., 2004); Australia: ACT, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania (Schicha, 1983; 1987); New Zealand (Schicha, 1987).


Schicha (1987) reports P. messor from a variety of host plants in Australia, including grass, white clover, strawberry, apple, plum, and other introduced and native plants. Schicha (1987) re-examined some of New Zealand material, and concluded that the species reported by Collyer (1982) as Amblyseius mexicanus is probably P. messor. Collyer (1964; 1982) describes "Amblyseius mexicanus" from plum, apple, and pasture samples in Auckland and Nelson regions of New Zealand. I have examined both Collyer's "A. mexicanus" (NZAC) and Schicha's "P. messor" (ASCU, NSW Dept. of Agriculture), and can confirm that the two species are identical (M. Minor, unpublished data). I have not seen the type of P. messor.


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