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New Zealand: Nelson (Schicha, 1987).


Schicha (1987) described T. musero from material collected in New Zealand by E. Collyer (Nelson, on Prunus domestica - plum). Schicha (1987) suggests that the specimens from New Zealand identified by Collyer (1964; 1982) as Typhlodromus tropicus (Chant) are probably T. musero. Collyer (1964; 1982) collected her "T. tropicus" from Auckland (on Cordyline kaspar and commonly on kiwifruit), Hawke's Bay (Hastings, on unsprayed apple), the Bay of Plenty (Tauranga, on kiwifruit), and Nelson (on Prunus sp. and Rubus sp.), noting that the species is not common in New Zealand and is always associated with exotic plants.


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