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T. pyri is common and widespread in Europe and North America - see Moraes et al. (2004) for the full list of locations. There are also records from Egypt and Azerbaijan (Moraes et al., 2004). In Australia the species is reported from NSW, Queensland, and Tasmania (Schicha, 1987). In New Zealand T. pyri is widespread throughout the North Island and the Nelson region, and less common in Canterbury and Otago (Collyer, 1982).


Schicha (1987) reports T. pyri from hops and apple in Australia. In New Zealand T. pyri is rarely found on native vegetation, but is very common on garden plants and orchard trees, particularly apple, plum, peach, and pear (Collyer, 1982). Pesticide-resistant strains of T. pyri are used as a biocontrol agent in orchards to control European red mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch).


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