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Created by:
Dr. Maria Minor
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand

+64 6 356 9099
[email protected]

Lucid3 v. 3.6 Interactive Key. © 1999-2017. Last updated 12-December-2017.

Key features

This is an interactive key for 31 species of Phytoseiidae mites (Acari: Parasitiformes), of which 29 species are currently known to occur in New Zealand. The key includes comprehensive fact sheets for all species. See the Check-list of species for the list of included species.

An interactive key to 29 species of Phytoseiidae (Acari: Parasitiformes) currently known to occur in New Zealand

Phytoseiidae of New Zealand (version 1.0, 2008) features:

  • Interactive key to 31 species of Phytoseiidae;
  • Fact sheet for each species, including taxonomic names and synonyms, distribution, host plants, other supplementary information, and the list of references;
  • Web Search by species name;
  • Micrographs of adult females and males (if available).

The key is designed to be used by a non-specialist, although it is expected that the first-time users will read the descriptions of character states used in the key carefully, and will take time to familiarise themselves with the morphology of phytoseiid mites. All morphological characters used in the key are illustrated with line drawings and micrographs of mite specimens.

The key is meant to be comprehensive for the published New Zealand fauna at the present time (November 2008) and includes a number of new records. However, a number of new species and new records for known species are likely to be added to the New Zealand fauna list in the future. At present, the key covers all the common, abundant, and widespread species of phytoseiid mites in New Zealand, particularly the species found on greenhouse crops vegetables, including tomato, capsicum, cucumber, aubergine, and on cut flowers (bromeliads, orchids, roses, other flowers). As the new information on New Zealand Phytoseiidae fauna becomes available, the key will be expanded and updated.

This key was built in Lucid3 Builder (by Identic Pty Ltd) and requires Lucid3 Player to run. Visit the website for more information on Lucid3 or other members of the Lucid family of products. Read System Requirements for information about other software applications necessary to run this key.

Funding for Phytoseiidae of New Zealand key was provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Biosecurity New Zealand.

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