Flower spikes. Photo: Richard Hartland, Longwarry, Vic

Seeding spikes. Photo: Chris Lindorff, near Melbourne, Vic

Seeding spikes. Photo: John Tann, Mummel Gulf National Park, NSW

Plant. Photo: Lyn Allison, Westgate Park, Melbourne, Vic

Common Name

Tassel Sedge




Perennial sedge to 1m tall. Leaves mostly basal, with a sheath at the base. Leaves nearly as long as or as long as the flowering stems, 6-11mm wide. Male and female flowers on the same plant. Spikelets green turning brown, with 0 petals, arranged in 3-6 spikes at the tops of the flower stems, the uppermost spike male, the lower spikes female with occasionally a few male flowers at the tips. Flower spikes subtended by leaf-like bracts. Grows in wet places.

PlantNET description: