Plant. Australian Plant Image Index, photo: Murray Fagg, ACT

Plants in their natural environment. Photo: Tomas Ortega, Chile

Seeds. Photo: Steve Hurst, USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Common Name

Pampas Grass




Introduced perennial grass to 6m tall. Leaves with a sheath at the base. Ligule a fringe of hairs. Leaves 60-200cm long, 3-20mm wide, folded in bud, then flat, slightly glaucous above, dark green below, hairless to hairy, rough, margins knife-sharp, with pointed tips. Spikelets silvery white to pink or mauve, 10-18mm long, fading to light brown or straw-coloured. Seeds very hairy, pointed, with 0 awns. Mature seed groups oval, at the tops of the stems.

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