Flower heads and leaves Photo: Forest & Kim Starr, Hawaii

Flowering plants. Photo: Don Wood, south coast, NSW

Back of flower head. Photo: Zoya Akulova, California, USA

Seed head. Photo: Zoya Akulova, California, USA

Common Name

Common Cotula; Carrot Weed




Annual or perennial forb, prostrate or to 12cm tall.  Leaves alternating along the stem, 1-3cm long, 7-10mm wide, flat, with linear lobes which are again lobed, hairy or sparsely hairy.  Flower heads white to pale yellow, with 0 'petals', hemispherical, single heads arising from the ends of the stems on stalks that are much longer than the leaves.

Description and photo in G.M. Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe and J H Leigh (1981 and later printings) Plants of Western New South Wales page 670

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