Common Name





Annual forb, sprawling to prostrateSucculent branches to 15cm long.  Leaves opposite each other, usually with a sheath at the base, 0.07-0.32cm long, less than 1mm wide, flat and very narrow, surface hairless, edges finely warty at least towards the tips, tips rounded.  Flowers tiny (less than 3mm across), with four petals, in clusters of 3-12 at the bases of the leaves.

Differs from Crassula colligata ssp. colligata in that it sprawling to prostrate. Other differences can be seen with difficulty with a hand lens. Can hybridise with both subspecies of Crassula colligata.

Description and line drawings in HR Tolkien (2002) The annual taxa of the Crassula sieberiana complex in South Australia South Australian Naturalist 76, pages 11-13

Photo of flowering stem. Photographer Greg Jordan, Tas