Common Name

Bruce Rock Eremophila




Shrub to 60cm tall with a strong camphorous odour. Leaves whorled or almost whorled in 3s or 4s, 0.4-1.4cm long, 0.7-1.5mm wide, flattened cylindrical to flat, hairy, margins entire but with uneven edges due to prominent warts on the lower surface, tips blunt. Flowers bluish purple, tubular, 2-lipped, with 5 lobes, one indented so that there almost appears to be 6 lobes, borne singly at the bases of the leaves. Native of Western Australia. Family Myoporaceae in SA.

This description is derived from the description in Chinnock, R.J., (2007) Eremophila and Allied Genera Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd, Kenthurst NSW: pages 256-260, Fig. 127, Map 100.

The description and line drawing in PlantNET for this species is the same text and line drawing as the general description of the genus Eremophila in Flora of New South Wales, editor Gwen Hardin, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (1992) Vol 3, page 541.

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