Flowers and leaves. Photo: Don Wood, Carnarvon Station Bush Heritage Reserve, via Augathella, Qld

Flowers and leaves. Photo Ian Sutton, Collinsville, Qld

Common Name

Budda, False Sandalwood




Shrub or tree to 10m tall. Leaves alternating up the stems, aromatic when crushed, 2-6cm long, 1-7mm wide, flat, hairless, somewhat sticky, usually with a hooked tip. Flowers white to cream, pinkish, or brown, bell-shaped with five uneven lobes, borne in groups of 2-3 on short stalks arising from the bases of the leaves. Family Myoporaceae in SA.

Description and photo in G.M. Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe and J H Leigh (1981 and later printings) Plants of Western New South Wales page 610

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