Flowers, gum nuts and leaves. Photo: Don Wood, planted at Scotia Sanctuary, NSW

Tree. Photo: Don Wood, planted at Scotia Sanctuary, NSW

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Tree or mallee to 6m tall.  Bark rough below, smooth above, smooth bark sometimes coppery. Oil glands in the pith of the branchlets. Leaves aromatic when crushed, juvenile leaves (at Scotia Sanctuary) opposite each other, usually glaucous, 2.5-4.5cm long, 15-35mm wide. Adult leaves (not present on the tree on Scotia Sanctuary) almost opposite each other or alternating up the stems, dull, grey-green or glaucous, 2.5-5.5cm long, 15-35mm wide.  Leaves flat, hairless, with straight or curved points.  Flowers white to cream, with 0 petals, in clusters of 7 at the bases of the leaves, sometimes appearing to be at the ends of the stems.  Flower bud caps about the same length as the base.  Nut valves not very noticeable. Native to WA.

Description and photographs (as Eucalyptus brachyphylla) in the DVD/thumb drive Euclid

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