Common Name

Caustic Weed




Perennial forb, prostrate or to 20cm tall. Leaves opposite each other, 0.2-1cm long, 1.5-5mm wide, flat, hairless, margins entire or toothed, tips round. Male and female flowers on the same plant. Flowers small (less than 3mm across), green to red with pink or white, with 0 petals, in small heads that look like a single flower, each head composed of several male flowers surrounding 1 female flower, at the bases of the leaves. Chamaesyce dallachyana in NSW.

Differs from Euphorbia drummondii in that there is a fringed appendage at the base of the fruiting body.

PlantNET description (as Chamaesyce dallachyana) with photo and line drawing of fruiting bodies and leaves: