Flowers and leaves. Photo: Valter Jacinto, Portugal

Flowers and leaves. Photo: JC Schou, Crete, Greece

Plant. Photo: Valter Jacinto, Portugal

Common Name

European Sea-heath




Introduced prostrate annual forb, stems to 40cm long. Leaves opposite each other, with membranous stipules at the base, which encircle the stem.  Leaves 0.2-0.6cm long, 1.2-2.8mm wide, exuding salt, upper surface hairless, lower surface hairy, margins turned down to rolled down. Flowers pink, tubular, with 5 petals, solitary at the bases of the leaves or in open groups of flowers at the bases of the leaves and the ends of the stems, each flower subtended by a whorl of 4 leaf-like bracts

Differentiation between the species of Frankenia is based on details of the ovaries, beyond the scope of this key.

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