Common Name

Rock Bedstraw




Perennial forb, to 30cm tall or prostrate to sprawling. Leaves in whorls of 4, 0.3-1.5cm long, 1.5-6mm wide, flat, hairless, or sparsely to densely hairy, margins flat to curved under. Flowers small (less than 3mm across), with a short tube and 4 cream or greenish cream to yellowish green 'petals', in open clusters of 1-10 flowers on stalks arising from the bases of the leaves. Two clusters per leaf node.

PlantNET states that after the recent revision of the genus Galium, Galium migrans is now considered to occur only in SA, with many of the NSW collections previously called Galium migrans now identified as Galium leptogonium.

PlantNET description with line drawing and photos:

Photo of fruiting bodies and leaves, photographer Russell Best, north of Sunbury, Vic