Common Name

Grey Raspwort, Grey Raspweed, Bluish Raspwort




Perennial forb to 50cm tall or sprawling, arising annually from a perennial rootstock.  Leaves alternating up the stems or nearly opposite each other, 2-5cm long, 2-15mm wide, flat, glaucous, hairless, or somewhat rough, the margins entire or toothed or dissected, rough, with a blunt tip.  Leaflike bracts below the flower clusters 0.5-0.8cm long, linear to flat, entire. Flowers often small (less than 3mm across), green to yellow, with 4 petals, in groups of 1-3 at the tops of the stems, each cluster subtended by a leaf-like bract, forming 'racemes' at the tops of the stems, and in groups of 1-3 at the bases of the upper leaves.  Poorly known Vic.

Description and photo (as Haloragis glauca) in G.M. Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe and J H Leigh (1981 and later printings) Plants of Western New South Wales page 536

eFlora of South Australia fact sheet: