Common Name

Mallee Hemichroa




Woody forb to 30cm tall.  Leaves succulent, alternating up the stems, 0.3-1.2cm long, flat to linear, hairless, often with a curved point.  Flowers white or pink, with 5 'petals', solitary at the bases of the leaves.  The only records for NSW are by salt lakes on Nanya Station.  Endangered Vic.  Threatened list Vic.

Description and line drawings in Flora of South Australia 4th edition Editors JP Jessop and HR Toelken (1986), Volume 1, page 320.  There is no description in the online eFlora of South Australia

FloraBase description and photos (as Surreya diandra):   The new name (Surreya diandra) has not yet (December 2013) been accepted by the Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria.

Photo of flower and leaves. Photographer Kevin Thiele, WA