Common Name

Bladder Ketmia




Forb to 1.8m tall. Leaves alternating up the stems. Mid-stem leaves 2.5-13.8cm long, 15-94mm wide, flat, hairy, rough, margins lobed (with 3 lobes) and toothed. Flowers with 5 yellow petals fading to white, with a pale to reddish basal spot, solitary at the bases of the leaves. Could occur in the area covered by this key.

Recently separated from Hibiscus trionum.

Differs from Hibiscus tridactylites in that the leaves are very deeply lobed, but not dissected into leaflets, and the primary lobes are scarcely lobed.

Description and photos in Craven, L.A., de Lange, P.J., Lally, T.R., Murray, B.G. & Johnson, S.B., (2011) A taxonomic re-evaluation of Hibiscus trionum (Malvaceae) in Australasia. New Zealand Journal of Botany 49(1): 35-37, Fig 1C (leaf, page 28), Fig 2D, E (flower, page 29), Fig 3 (map page 32)